Saturday, November 24, 2007

Would You Like To Taste My Homemade Morgue

It almost felt like ages…

I am not flaking out; I just couldn’t find the right time to do any updates. Beside there is nothing much to share and whine about and beside I don’t think you guys missing me that much, right? Well I am in a celebratory mood this past couple of days thanks to England missing out on next year Euro Championship. Believe me; things couldn’t get much better than knowing that a bunch of over hype mega-rich footballers couldn’t make it to a major tournament. Pussies…

Anyway, I was reading Give Me Back #2 this afternoon and came across a review of Kias Fansuri demo in it. For those of you who have been living in a cave or something, Kias Fansuri consists of one dude from the mighty UTARID (I am sure the rest of the bands played in some other bands before, but none of them were mindblowing so there is no point in referring them). Yeah I am sure most of you have no idea who UTARID was as well, but what the heck. Go here for some info on Kias Fansuri and here for some info on Utarid. Thank me later ok.

After reading what I believe to be one of the most boring zine I’d ever lay my hand on, I decided to go look for the Kias Fansuri CDr that I got like a year ago or something like that. It was some sort of tour edition CDr that consists of songs from their upcoming releases. It might as well be their first demo because I got it much earlier than the 3 songs demo tape that was reviewed in Give Me Back #2. Although I knew one of the dudes from Kias Fansuri quite well, I couldn’t be arsed to ask him about this fact. Beside I am sure he is busy humping all the groupies he can get his hand on (wink wink) and would not be bothered with something so inane and boring. FYI, the release was limited to 111 and I got number 75, how’s that for some scene point?

After a few spin I concluded that Kias Fansuri deserve to be heard by everyone that are not afraid to let their ear bleed to some kick ass emotive hardcore or to be referred as pussy by their friends who listen to Lamb of God and Hatebreed. I was about to rip my own copy of the release, but this awesome blog have done all the dirty work for me. You can even download Kias Fansuri 3 songs demo off that kick ass blog. Thanks a lot dude, whoever you are. But that is not all; go here and download Shove Records edition of the Kias Fansuri CDr. I know those who collect files will be going gaga over this. Nothing beat those different edition mp3s man…

Since I mentioned Hatebreed, do check out XO Skeletons because that band rules. They even let people download their album for free. Don’t let the Hatebreed connection scares you. Boring tough guy beatdown mosh metal that makes people dance like idiots this is not. In fact, it reminds me of Atom and His Package. If you are down with Atom and His Package, do check out XO Skeletons. That is if you can tolerate something that’s fun.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Headbanger Face Rip!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy this last couple of weeks and I don't think that will change anytime soon. But we'll see. Here is something for all you Municipal Waste fan out there. Yeah I know some of you are quite bummed out with the new album but get over it ok. It is still a good listen. Look out for the uncensored version of the video as well... see ya around!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Singing, Shouting, CRYING!!

I’m gutted and lost for words. RIP Chelsea. Thanks for the awesome music.

Monday, August 20, 2007

So What You Think About Hansa Rostok? Hansa Rostok? Like A Pussies! Heavy Metal Pussies!

When are they going to come up with christ-raping indie pop or barbaric twee?

Is this what they call shoegazing black metal? What's shoegazing black metal anyway? Do metalheads gaze at their shoe when they listen to metal? Who the fuck come up with shoegazing black metal? Fuck it!

This is a good album. No joke. Shoegaze/post-rock music from a dude who played in one of those ugly black metal band that your god-fearing parents/teachers/politicians warn you about. Who would have thought a dude like that can come out with a beautiful album like this? And you know what? It is irony free. You don't get things like that when indie hipters come up with something like this. Indie hipsters doing metal is blasphemous. Smart metalheads doing indie rock is good.

Jerry's Kids is the real deal. I am not having any of that nu-retro shit that everyone seems to be into these days. That shit is weak. Go here and download their live set from 1983. Check out the rest of that blog as well because that blog rule.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor

I am not getting my weekly dose of "scene" humor because Ricecooker is still down. Bummer. If this go on for long, I will need to find other way to get my fix. That's bad.

Anyway, see you guys at this show next week. And to those who are buying some stuff from me, meet you guys there. Don't forget to bring your cash or I will beat the crap out of you. Consider this as a warning... and sorry, NO DISCOUNT!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

“I’m a hardcore guy! You better respect me!”

This is an interesting read. Kinda long tho'. Makes you "loves" Victory Records even more.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Got A Headache In My Pants

I am parting with some of my CD collections. If you want the list do drop me a message with your email. You can also see the list on my Myspace. You don’t know my Myspace? Hah, your lost.

Anyway, I am going to answer some FAQs (Fucking Annoying Questions) that have been coming my way since I let people know that I am selling some of my CDs.

Are You Really Quitting the Scene?
Err NO. The whole thing was a ploy. I am just saying that I am quitting the “scene” so I can get your attention. As long as I got your attention, it will be easier for me to made you part with your hard earned cash. Do you feel like you being suckered? Am sure you are not alone about this and it is not the first time. Beside I don’t really like the “scene” and probably have quit it more than once. Fuck the “scene”.

The reason why I am selling those CDs is because it was doing nothing but collecting dust at my parent’s house. It is collecting dust because nobody is listening to it. Nobody is listening to it because… well, I don’t think it is that hard to figure out why, right?

Do you regret selling all those stuffs?
Do you regret giving me your hard earned cash for it? Karang tak cukup nak beli rokok, beer, arak, etc. Mana boleh happy kalau takder rokok, beer dan arak? Arrrgghhhh!

Is that all of your stuff? Where are the rest?
One word. EBAY. Look out for the announcement anytime soon. I always believe that if you want to suck someone (not that kind of sucking you perv!), you suck them dry.

Hey sell me that ________ CDs man!
Sorry, I don’t give a shit about “market” demand. I will sell it when I feel like selling it. If it is not on the list, don’t ask. Don’t email or SMS me asking me to sell my Corrupted or Neurosis collections. It doesn’t make you less a human if you don’t have any of that.

Can you post the CDs?
A big fucking NO! Why? First. I don’t trust postmen. Second. I don’t trust postmen. Third. I don’t fucking trust postmen. Fourth. I don’t want to go to the post-office. If you want the CDs, meet me somewhere (in KL that’s is), pay me and the CDs are yours. Having the experience of running a mail order, I just couldn’t handle things like “Where are my stuffs you big fucking rip off!” anymore. Sorry, blame it on postmen and idiots.

Kurang lagi tak boleh?
Go fuck yourself.


Last Friday I bought myself INFEST’s Mankind 10” at the Ricecooker shop. I am not amaze at my luck scoring it, but what amazes me is that nobody picks that up earlier. I saw it at the shop a week before and just let it slip because I didn’t have enough cash with me at that time. Beside I already have it on tape and am not looking to replace it. I don’t expect it to still be there after a week. Being a fan of extremely bad music I don’t need a third invitation to buy that piece of wax. Today, that piece of wax is safe among my Black Sabbath’s records and other shitty music.

This has made me to conclude:

  1. People don’t listen to INFEST anymore or dah tak musim nak dengar power violence sekarang nie. That means that there are people out there who have an even worst taste in music than me. Man, I never thought bad mosh core and shitty indie could bring me any good. Awesome!
  2. People don’t go to the Ricecooker shop to buy music. If that’s the case then I am pretty sure that Ricecooker would end like the Basement shop. How to change this? Get rid of Joe Kidd and that other dude who runs Ricecooker. No dudes should run the shop. Get some hotties and you will be on the right track. Get the right hotties because you don’t want to end up with the wrong target market. It is probably “un-PC” or whatever but punks are human too and most of them are lying about not falling into the girls/sex sells “marketing” strategy. There are other ways as well but I am not on the mood to disclose it.


I always thought that idiots should not drive a car. Now I will have to add that idiots should never be allow using public transportations. I had enough of idiots who think it is their god fucking right to move around a jam packed train (be it the LRT, the Commuter or the Monorail) and endanger others commuters.

To that idiot that pisses me off at the LRT last week, you can thank your lucky star that I am so happy for scoring that INFEST vinyl that I have no time to argue further about your stupidity and idiocy. I just hope to get ass cancer, rape by monkeys and die a terrible death. People like are even worse than shit heads that think it is cute to read something and take a lot of space in a packed train. Fuck, you are just one notch lower than dumbasses that don’t give their seat to pregnant ladies and old people. Fucker.


I am getting rid of some tapes that I have from my mail order days. The list will be up in a couple of days (or weeks, or months, depends) at my Myspace. Email list will be send out three weeks after I put it up on Myspace. Don’t know my Myspace? Pity.

But instead of selling it, I am thinking to get rid of it by trading or swapping it. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just stop reading the rest of this.

So do I have anything in mind for the trade? Well as of right now, I am looking for homemade porn. Yup, you read that one H-O-M-E-M-A-D-E P-O-R-N made in my beloved MALAYSIA. I am really floored that there are hundreds of homemade porn being made by Malaysians. The best part it is all DIY (DIY or DIE man, you punks gotta love that!). You have to thank technology for bringing out the best in Malaysians. Who would have thought to see a tudung-clad girl giving a bj to her male companion or school kids making out in the school’s toilet? Not me. This is way beyond my wildest imagination.

Make sure that the porn you are sending are made by consenting adults. I will not accept forced or surprise sex. Animal porn is a no no. Alive and kicking adults only. No kids or dead people. And the most important, made by MALAYSIANS.

Well if you have none of that, just send me your boring trade list and we can discuss further.


Are there any TRBNGR fans reading this? Drop me a line because I am interested in starting the TURBOJUGEND chapter in KL. Be quick because I might change my mind in a couple of days.


I know a lot of losers are getting all excited with the new EPL season starting in a few days time. There is no account for bad taste. Just enjoy that snore-fest. Forza Milan!


Friday, July 20, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Napalm Death Live In Malaysia - It's ON!!!

In Darkness You Feel No Regret

“Punk rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want, as long as it’s good and has passion”

Joe Kidd recently posted this “interesting” article on Ricecooker. I manage to read the whole thing (and skips the comments section, for fucks sake most the comments on Ricecooker are fucking retarded posted by some idiots and are unworthy for me to waste my time on) and do a little bit of thinking (I am surprising myself as well, I thought spending too much time playing Winning Eleven had killed my ability to think). Here’s my two cents on the whole thing. Yes, contrary to popular belief I do care a little bit about the local punk rock scene.

Stop laughing.


I used to think that punk rock, the music, should be adventurous, open to new ideas and always evolving. Yeah I think I am echoing Joe Kidd’s view. Some of you probably think that’s lame but whatever. If things doesn’t evolve, punk rock will still sounds like it was in the 70’s (and tell me how many people actually listen to that shit nowadays?) and metal will be totally boring. But that was like ages ago. I threw all that out of the window when I realized that “originality” and “unique-ness” doesn’t always mean good. Do tell me, in the last 10 years, are there any note-worthy bands that bring something totally new to punk rock? Tragedy, despite being the “IT” band in today’s hardcore scene don’t really do nothing much but overdoing that sweet-melodic crust thingy that is common with some Swedish and Japanese bands. That tech-math-core shits are nothing but prog-rock played by a bunch of kids having ADD that don’t have much patience playing one song that last for half an hour. And most metallic hardcore we have nowadays is nothing more than a bad attempt at copying shitty metal. Submission Hold is original but fuck me if people actually enjoy the music and rock out to it. Proper rocking out I mean, sitting alone in your bedroom and stroking your chin is not what I mean as “rocking out.”

Face it, punk rock, the music, is fucking dead. It is not adventurous, open to new ideas and evolving. Get out of punk rock and you will experience that sort of thing somewhere else.

I don’t really want to get all “academics” on this issue. Personally I think that all the “new” ideas that we have back then was somehow a reaction against what was going on. Punk rock became hardcore because some kids realize how boring punk rock was back then and felt that it was time to take it back from the art crowd. Those kids want their punk rock to be crude and simple and not pretentious and full of bullshit. This constantly continues with other punk rock offshoots, be it grindcore, emo and what-ever-you-want-to-call-it-this-week-core. Like it or not, I think we are at the point where everything has been tried and tested where every reactions have a clear answer that you can get from a manual or something similar. Maybe that is not punk rock, but what the fuck is punk rock these days? Like I said earlier, if you want something new, look elsewhere.

I am going to be honest and say that most “punk rock” that we have nowadays can put me to sleep in less than a minute. It is yawn inducing and horrible. If I have a trouble sleeping, I will just put on some shitty “punk rock” (both local and non-local, if you’re wondering) and go to sleep. And you know what? If I am not talking about your band in my blog, it is either I have never heard of you or you’re nothing spectacular and I am only listening to your music so I can go to sleep. Fast. Tough luck, I know, but you can’t really please everyone right?

And I am not going to be a pussy and deny saying something like “man, all those tech-math-core shits sounds scarily similar to DEP, can’t they like steal from some other band?” to some of my friends because that’s like the fucking truth. None of them are fucking original to these ears. That is what happened when you are jaded with something. But instead of shit-talking to no end (there is a huge difference between occasionally shit talking and continuously shit-talking) and lose sleep I just decided that I am going to get as far away from any of that abomination and make fun of them every now and then (like now). Every time I read a show flyer with tech and screamo and math thrown around like someone life depends on it I will approach that show with caution. The same goes with other “punk rock” genre as well. And don’t get me start on emo. If I want some bad college rock, I will listen to bad college rock and not something “marketed” as something else. Face it you’re only “emo” because the indie scene thinks you’re horrible and are a fucking disastrous to even have a sniff at their scene. LOSERS.

But at the end of the day do all this “discussion” matters? Most who consider themselves punk rocker only acknowledge it as nothing more but a music genre. We have to thanks MTV and Myspace for diluting the real meaning with whatever bullshit they can throw along with so they can sell it to the masses. Most people are punk rock so they can be look upon as cool by others. It is fashion more than passion. It is blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla blablablablablabla. Well, is it surprising that people don’t take punk rock seriously?

Holy fuck! Enough with this “discussion” shit. Man, why do I bother with all this in the first place? Anyway I think I remember that Joe Kidd ask me to recommend something new to him when I was at the ricecooker shop. I am quite dumbfounded. Being out of the loop for a while that’s probably the last question you want to hear. If only I have the latest issue of MRR handy to impress people when such question pops out. But I didn’t buy MRR for ages and could only give a sheepish smile as a respond. Yeah lame. So Joe, if you are reading this, I am sorry but I couldn’t recommend any new punk rock shit that you can feast your ears to. I am too fully occupied with old Japanese hardcore and French BM to even bother checking out what’s hot and what’s not in the current punk rock circle. Anyway I don’t think you’re missing much because there is hardly anything new around, but do check out Bone Awl. Those guys rule!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BM Boner

File this under music-that-will-never-impressed-that-girl-that-you-think-off-when-you-are-spanking-your-monkey. Mentioning Bone Awl in any conversation will not get you laid. Period. If you want some action, do talk about all those “IT” indie bands that you can read in Junk or any one of those bands that are on constant rotation on MTV and you might get lucky with that underage girl or boy.

If you are one of those ultra underground BM dudes you probably noticed how Bone Awl have make a name for themselves in the last couple of years. Read that again. U-L-T-R-A U-N-D-E-R-G-R-O-U-N-D B-L-A-C-K M-E-T-A-L. We’re not talking about some pansy wimpy BM that you can find in some glossy magazine (you know the one with the extra cheesy keyboard on top of that sweet melodies and confused "singing"). If your favorite “BM” band is Cradle of Filth, chances are you have no idea about Bone Awl and are secretly listening to Fall Out Boy and love that movie Titanic.

Don’t ask me why they are like the “IT” band in the ultra underground BM circles. I have no idea and could care less about any of that. As far as I am concern, Bone Awl shits on most BM with it simplistic and primitive take on genre. This shit is so primitive that you will have to redefine everything you ever know about BM. Bone Awl makes bands like Emperor and Dimmu Burger sounds like Dream Theatre. Since most of the band’s outputs are OOP (most of them are limited and small in numbers, you know it is not “kvlt” if more than 10 copies are made available), I think it is cool to point you to some blogs that have links to some of the band’s music. Go here and download some of the early stuff that is only available on cassette and vinyl. The band had also recently released their debut full length that you can buy here or download here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grind Art?

This is interesting. Can't understand shit? Go here.

Metallica's Hetfield Detained For Looking Like A Taliban

Yeah it is funny. You can read more about it here. The only reason why he should be detained is for making godawful albums.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tempura Tempura Tempura

Alright, do yourself a favor and download this live album from this awesome blog. It is the live album from one of the earliest Japan punk rock/hardcore band The Stalin, recorded way back in 1983. Most of you who are on a constant diet of Japanese thrash and fastcore would probably hate it, but that’s your lost.

Head up to Kill From The Heart for more info about The Stalin. Some cool punks have also started The Stalin fansite where you can get some more info regarding the band. If you understand Japanese, you can even read a manga about the band here. Tempura!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Super Guitar?

You got to be a true guitar god to use this axe

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This is surely the most amusing comment i got so far. Thanks for stopping by, if you are looking for porn, look elsewhere. Perv...

"oi..ya allah ya tuhan ku isap lah konek ku sambil dewa hindu diduk melancap kat tokong cina bukit sambil nabi isa mengigit tetek dewa cina dan mengulum tuhan yahudi!! muhamad homo-seksual...macam anuar ibrahim, sebab itu lah keling sembah dewa dewa kat thaipusam, sambil penganut kristian memukimakkan yahudi..
ya allah nabi isa, kolomkan lah batang batang anak anak muzik underground yang suka musik bawah tanah di malaysia dan hidupkan lah mat mat rap with bitches dan skin head punk yang sembah konek keling dan beli arak yang di jual oleh apek dan bengali yahudi.
oi oi oi!! ya satan hidupkan lah undergroung malaysia, dan banyakkan lah bohsia seumpama baby rina dan kavita kour, dadahkan lah malaysia.
SATAN I LOVE ! sembahyang lah kamu sebelum kau di sembayangkan!!sembah setan di underground!!"

Friday, June 29, 2007

I Love Power Violence



No New Post?

Time is short...

I am pretty shocked with the passing of Chris Benoit. RIP man. Have fun with Eddie down there in hell. You're too good for heaven. RIP to that dude in DISCLOSE as well. A lot of people will be missing you.

Well not everything is looking grim.

Cactus Was invited me to be part of his zine projects. I am definitely looking forward for that. More about this some other time. Oh yeah, just in case you don't know yet, Darkthrone will release a new album out later this year. What! you're too scared to listen to some "black metal"? Well there is always them Fall Out Boy you can enjoy yourself to. Go here and listen to some sample from the upcoming Darkthrone album. Yes it is not Transilvanian Hunger but it is not such a big surprise right?

My friend xArwithx is in Europe right now getting laid with lots of European girls. Have fun you bastard! And thanks for that Second Combat CD.

That's all for now.

Enjoy this...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Napalm Death In Malaysia?

So will Napalm Death be coming to Malaysia this September?

Rumors are ripe about them doing a show; there are also rumors about Extreme Noise Terror coming here as well later this year.

Will the “moral guardians” prevent this? We all know how it all went down with Mayhem and the last thing I want to hear from all this is some retards calling Napalm Death a Black Metal band and prevent this from happenings. I am pretty upset that Sodom skip Malaysia for Thailand and Indonesia and I am not looking forward for this not to happen.

Although I just don’t care about the current Napalm Death (the last “new” album I heard from them was Enemy of The Music Business album and that was released like five years ago.) I still have fond memories about the old Napalm Death and regard them at that point in time as the finest grindcore band of all time. Albums like Scum and the Peel Sessions are definitely in my all time top ten favorite grindcore albums along with albums like World Downfall, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses and The Inalienable Dreamless.

I missed Napalm Death when they were here a few years back. Did I regret it? No, Napalm Death weren’t at their peak and the show was organized by someone notorious for questionable “business” dealings. Being somewhat “idealistic” at that time, I would rather have my testicles removed than being caught dead at that show. Will I go this time around? Most probably. Will I regret doing that? You kidding me? I have “sold out” and would rather see the show than have my testicles removed, beside all those “soft” rock shit that we are having round here for the last few months don’t really cut it for me.

Anyway here are some reminders of the awesomeness of Napalm Death.

Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration Demo
Napalm Death - Live 7"

Thursday, May 31, 2007

You're Not Old School, You're Just Old

I recently posted this awesome zine archive not too long ago. Reading some of the old issues of Heartattack (HaC) that I couldn’t get my hand upon (back in the days) really brings back some memories. I remember first reading about it in Joe Kid’s Blasting Concept column back in probably 1996 or 1997. It has been a long time. I think I still have my first issue of HaC somewhere at my parent’s house; it is the one where they interviewed His Hero Is Gone. I think I bought it from ASAS distro. ASAS Distro were the shit back then.

I don’t really remember whether HaC was one of my favorite zine but I sure lost interest in them not too long before they called it a day and I don’t think it is because they were too “emo” for my liking. I didn’t even bother to check out the new zine that some of the HaC crew is doing.

Reading all those back issues also make me to go and check out some old bands that I never got the chance to check out when they were around and were at their prime. Downcast and Luzifers Mob were two of those bands that I totally missed out back then. Coincidently enough, this blog and this blog recently posted something about Downcast and Luzifers Mob. It really make you love the Internet even more.

And those back issues don’t only make me realize that I am old and should have dropped this a long time ago, but it also make me realize about some of the changes in the hardcore scene in the last ten years. You know back in the days hardcore was pretty much an “exclusive club” and you pretty much need to embrace it before you are a part of it. Nowadays, everyone from their aunt to their dentist is hardcore thanks to Myspace and “hardcore” bands that are more content on rocking out than doing anything else.

Times are indeed changing.

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Pelican's Pre-Order...

Thumbs up to Hydrahead & Pelican for thinking of new ways to have people buy their stuffs (instead of downloading it from the internet). This pre-order deal will definitely go down well with all the Pelican’s die-hard.

Dude 1: “Dude how do you like my new Pelican’s hoodie?”

Dude 2: “Sweet man”

Dude 1: “You ain’t see nothing yet”

Dude 2: “Really?”

Dude 1: “Yeah, check this out”

Dude 1 unzipped his pants and shows his new Pelican undies to the amazement of Dude 2

Dude 2: “Holy fuck dude, you got a…”

Dude 1: “Yeah, am I cool or what? I am going to show this to all our friends, this is going to be awesome!”

Dude 2: “Fuck yeah man, ain’t nothing cooler than that”

...I just hope the new album is good.

Disclose "signs" with Suffering Jesus

We are very excited to be able to inform our fans and customers that Japan's 20 year D-Beat veterans Disclose have teamed up with Suffering Jesus for a couple of projects though the details of what these projects will be is not entirely clear at this point in time. Perhaps a couple of split albums and a compilation of previously released 7" material though nothing concrete as of yet.

-Suffering Jesus Productions

Disclose and a metal label? Weird if you ask me...

Forza Milan!

Friday, May 04, 2007

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Monday, April 30, 2007


This is long overdue. I recently got the chance to check them out playing a show and I must say that this is one of those new bands that everyone should check out. No demo yet but they do plan to release something somewhere in the middle of this year before they embark on their Indonesian Tour. Oh, they don’t have Myspace either (hahaha you Myspace scenester!), but they do have their own blog here. If you dig some sinister and heavy hardcore with some doom and sludge thrown in every now and then, then you should give them a try.

Be warned that the music ain’t pretty at all and you cannot score any girls/boys by name dropping them in any conversation.

You can also check some clip on Youtube here. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


What do they call this music anyway? Is it dark crust? Or is it Nu-crust? Or Neo-crust? Well I don’t really care what they are calling the music that this disciple of HHIG/FAR/TRAGEDY/ WOLFBRIGADE is doing because it doesn’t concern me at all. The most important thing of all is this CD rocks and I am fucking grateful to feast my ear with such awesomeness. If you are familiar with the bands that I just name- dropped (for the scene points nonetheless) you can probably imagine how they sound like. This CD packs so much venom and bile you probably don’t need to listen to other bands that worship at the altar of HHIG and Tragedy. And I am not kidding about that.

The best thing about this CD is that it only last for approximately 23 minutes. Every hardcore band should take note of this and never made a mistake of releasing something more than half an hour long. You know the last Fucked Up records would be something if it just this long instead of going on and on for almost an hour. What so punk rock about aping the fucking prog-rock scene? Leave that prog-rock worship to bands like Neurosis. Punk bands should stick to what it knows best and make it short, sweet and simple… and oh listen to black metal too. Yeah you be surprised on how many sweet riffs you can lift from some obscure black metal bands and use it in your band. You can thank me later on that.

For those who are making tomorrow a better world, nothing beats having this as the soundtrack for you to destroy everything and starts all over again.


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NEURO - fucking - SIS!

Cum and feel the Noize!

Awesome Blogs!

If you got some free time to kill, go and visit these awesome blogs. Thank me later.

Blood Is Truth
Only In It For The Music

Slayer Slayer Slayer!!!


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Friday, January 26, 2007

I Grind, Pt 3: Realized

I Grind, Pt 2: Damage Digital.... again!

Oh well, I found this link somewhere and think that it will be awesome to share it to anyone else out there who dig some awesome grindcore. They are from Japan and I think it is unfortunate that not that many people talk about them. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think about it. Damage Digital rules!

Free Damage Digital Mp3!!!