Thursday, January 31, 2008

London Travel

Many people dream of traveling to London and experiencing the richness of English Culture.  Singles are drawn to London for the booming nightlife, posh Hotels and thriving party scene.  However, London isn't only for the single traveler, but is just as well suited for a family trip.  The attractions of London are endless and a London trip may just be what you need to escape the monotony of everyday life.


Attractions: Buckingham palace is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions London has to offer.  Witness the changing of the guards in all their glory, soak in the breathtaking architecture and once you've had enough, grab a bite to eat and stroll through Hyde Park, my personal favorite hangout in London.  For those looking to experience a famous Guinness beer, venture into one of the many pubs lining the streets.


Families can enjoy the many shopping options on the famous Oxford street, including Harvey's and other Nicols and then take picture perfect photos in front of the astounding Big Ben clock tower.  The one reservation people have when traveling to London is the cost of accommodation. We have the solution for all London travelers below.  Find cheap, quality hotels in London with Cheaper Than Hotels.


Accomodations:  One of the challenges of a trip to London is securing a comfortable and affordable accommodation.  Hostels and Hotels are the main two choices for travelers, but for a family a hostel may not provide the necessary accommodations.  There are thousands of agencies and even more individual choices for hotels.  The biggest complaint for travelers is the actual expense of London accommodation.  Don't worry, we have found the most amazing London Hotel Website.  You can also get Kensington and Knightsbridge hotel information from the website. Visit for up to the second deals on the cheapest accommodations in London.  With group discounts, car rental options and superb customer service, you don't have stress about expensive accommodation in London again.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Money in Real Estate #1

I received a request to share some of my experiences with real estate. I thought I would just post my thoughts here in case others are interested, and so I can continue to add more posts as they come to me. This is my perspective, based on my knowledge and experience. Take it for what it's worth. I'm 34 years old. You're never to young or to old to start. I hope this can help some of you.

Like poker, you need a bankroll for real estate. So for the college guys here, you've got to graduate and hunt down a good job. This, of course, is where (for those of you who don't have money...yet) you start to build your bankroll. Save a few dollars. But more important than that, make MORE.

Work hard at your job to get promotions, or after a couple years, switch jobs to make more money. Most big leaps in salary come from switching jobs, not from staying with one employer. This has been my experience as well. And keep saving. But again, more important than saving, just make EVEN MORE.

Of course, you can add to your real estate bankroll from your poker bankroll, and if you already have money, then you can skip all this.

But not only do you need your bankroll, you need a tight image. And I'm talking about credit scores. This is important once you're ready to invest in real estate. Establish your credit by opening a couple credit cards, using them, and paying them off (you only need a couple). If you already have credit, pay your bills on time and avoid collections. You need a credit score of 720 or higher to get the best loans available. This equates to dollars saved and flexibility. Do not accumulate big balances on credit cards, this doesn't look good, and obviously it's best for you to maintain low balances. My credit score is at 800, which is a very high score, and which also gives me power and flexibility.

You've got the bankroll, you've got the image, but don't go pro! Like poker, you can do real estate as a side thing and not jeopardize too much. You'll know when you don't need that job anymore...that's when the hours you put in are pennies compared to the money you could make in real estate (or elsewhere). Don't risking everything.

Ok, those are the very basics, mostly common sense but just reinforcing ground zero.

Making Money in Poker #1

Play tight - which means only play BIG hands.  Fold everything else.

Use discipline, play tight.

Start at low stakes, get experience.

Be patient, play tight.

Discover and start reading.

That is all.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Background Info

Hi, I was once the Director of Technology for a major international skincare company. We ran Oracle Applications on HP-UX and EMC hardware. I was in charge of all the hardware & software, budgeting, and staff management.

I bought my first brand new BMW at age 25 and my first house at age 27. Bought my second house at 30.

I worked a lot of hours, spent more nights at the office that I care to remember. And if I wasn't in the office, the nightmares I had while sleeping at home convinced me I was. If my pager/cellphone wasn't waking me up in the middle of the night, the nightmares of my pager going off would wake me up anyway. I was burned out, miserable, angry, unhealthy, and always anxious.

Then my company wanted me to pursue an MBA. They promised me a path towards a CIO title. This company was chewing up my soul, swallowing every last morsel of will and drive I could muster. And now they wanted me to invest even more of myself into them. What is the value of money when coupled with misery? What's the value of owning a multi-million dollar mansion in Hell?

I refused.

I quit.

I sold some real estate so I could survive without working. I found my heart again. I saved my soul. I started an internet business, something I had a passion for, and within a year, was making the same amount of money as my corporate job, while working at home in my underwear.

Within 2 years, I doubled my salary.

Within 3 years, I tripled my salary, working half the amount of time.

I'm going to share some pieces of my experiences on this blog. Hope you like what you hear. I'm also going to ramble about things I think about, reviews of whatever I want to review, and eventually come back to dropping some pearls of wisdom.

Catch you next time.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The blog is back!!

I refuse to let blogs die! Bringing this one back to life with a new theme, a new owner, and a new voice. Stick around and hear my rants and raves about the world we live in and life in general!