Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Night of the Ultimate Mosh

Another mad blast of punk rock madness in Serdang! I am really looking forward for this mini show organized by those fuckers in SxMxGx. Hell this one is much better than the Vitamin X shows this coming Saturday… come to think about it, I might skip the Vitamin X show so I can fulfill my other obligations (or play the Football Manager 2006 like nobody’s business). No lost for not going to that show since I am not a huge Vitamin X fan.

Anyway back to the Night of the Ultimate Mosh… I hardly know most of the bands so that is definitely a good reason why I should be there and check out those bands, beside this is happening not far from my house so there is no reason for me to skip it. I surely enjoy shows like this more than any other show. Yeah, it is held in small places that can hardly fit 50 persons with shitty equipment, but that what makes it all more wonderful. A good punk rock show (or any rock show for that matter) is where you can feel whatever mood the band is channeling through their performances and songs and the best way to enjoy this is from punk rock shows like this.