Monday, October 31, 2005

Attention Blah Blah Blah

I have decided not to make this blog as a Mp3 Blog like what I intended a couple months back. I don't think I have all the time in the world for the hassles of uploading some mp3s on some servers. That doesn't mean I will not post any mp3s from bands that I think worthy of others attention, it just that it won't be my main objective anymore. From now on, you will have to endure some of my ramblings and whinnings about anything that I think fit to be on this blog.

Have a nice day.


Hari Raya is just around the corner.

The only good thing about Hari Raya is my Mom's rendang daging...

God, I can't even remember when is the last time I actually bought Baju Melayu for Hari Raya...

Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all...

Vitamin X Live In Malaysia

Yup you read that right, Vitamin X will be in Kuala Lumpur in a few weeks time for their SEA stop over. This will be awesome... well at least to those who have waited for it. Me? Well let just say that I am still crossing my fingers for the Infest reunion above anything else. So... anyway, there is an interesting discussion over ricecooker (click here) for the past couple of weeks regarding this. Yeah, shit talking behind the computer screen is fun but at least do it with dignity (is there such thing?).

But that's punk rock for you. It won't be punk rock without the spineless shit talking on the internet.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I went to Singapore a couple weeks back with the guys in SelfMadeGod and Mass Separation. Saw two awesome shows and was blown away by a handful of Singaporean bands. It was definitely one of the best weeks of my life. Anyway here’s one of those handful bands that blown me away who called themselves Under Attack.

The first time I heard about them was a few months back when one of the band member passed me their demo CDr. It was surely one of the best demos I’ve heard this year. Hell it even end up on my playlist for weeks. I love listening to the kind of hardcore these guys are doing. It is short, fast and loud and although it is all textbook stuff, they are doing it with a passion that I don’t seem to find in some of the bands that have similar style with them. Shit these guys are fairly new but they sure kick the hell out of some other (Malaysian & Singaporean) bands that have been doing this for a while.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows on my most recent trip to Singapore and boy do they know how to rip it up. It is fun, energetic and crazy at the same time. These guys know what the real deal man. No pretentious fastcore bullshit!

So here are a few mp3s from their demo and their upcoming release that I heard will be 4-way split with a few more SEA hardcore punk bands. I must say that I can’t wait when that one comes out.

From the demo

Hardcore by the Book
Old School Hardcore Ain’t Cool Anymore?

From the upcoming 4-Way split

Punk As Fuck, Fucked As You
Shoot and Kill

Hey check out their Myspace!

Note: the mp3 links have been removed!

Monday, October 10, 2005

a note....

Been a while since I last updated this blog. Got so much shit to cover. Check out in a week or two.