Thursday, January 31, 2008

London Travel

Many people dream of traveling to London and experiencing the richness of English Culture.  Singles are drawn to London for the booming nightlife, posh Hotels and thriving party scene.  However, London isn't only for the single traveler, but is just as well suited for a family trip.  The attractions of London are endless and a London trip may just be what you need to escape the monotony of everyday life.


Attractions: Buckingham palace is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions London has to offer.  Witness the changing of the guards in all their glory, soak in the breathtaking architecture and once you've had enough, grab a bite to eat and stroll through Hyde Park, my personal favorite hangout in London.  For those looking to experience a famous Guinness beer, venture into one of the many pubs lining the streets.


Families can enjoy the many shopping options on the famous Oxford street, including Harvey's and other Nicols and then take picture perfect photos in front of the astounding Big Ben clock tower.  The one reservation people have when traveling to London is the cost of accommodation. We have the solution for all London travelers below.  Find cheap, quality hotels in London with Cheaper Than Hotels.


Accomodations:  One of the challenges of a trip to London is securing a comfortable and affordable accommodation.  Hostels and Hotels are the main two choices for travelers, but for a family a hostel may not provide the necessary accommodations.  There are thousands of agencies and even more individual choices for hotels.  The biggest complaint for travelers is the actual expense of London accommodation.  Don't worry, we have found the most amazing London Hotel Website.  You can also get Kensington and Knightsbridge hotel information from the website. Visit for up to the second deals on the cheapest accommodations in London.  With group discounts, car rental options and superb customer service, you don't have stress about expensive accommodation in London again.