Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Background Info

Hi, I was once the Director of Technology for a major international skincare company. We ran Oracle Applications on HP-UX and EMC hardware. I was in charge of all the hardware & software, budgeting, and staff management.

I bought my first brand new BMW at age 25 and my first house at age 27. Bought my second house at 30.

I worked a lot of hours, spent more nights at the office that I care to remember. And if I wasn't in the office, the nightmares I had while sleeping at home convinced me I was. If my pager/cellphone wasn't waking me up in the middle of the night, the nightmares of my pager going off would wake me up anyway. I was burned out, miserable, angry, unhealthy, and always anxious.

Then my company wanted me to pursue an MBA. They promised me a path towards a CIO title. This company was chewing up my soul, swallowing every last morsel of will and drive I could muster. And now they wanted me to invest even more of myself into them. What is the value of money when coupled with misery? What's the value of owning a multi-million dollar mansion in Hell?

I refused.

I quit.

I sold some real estate so I could survive without working. I found my heart again. I saved my soul. I started an internet business, something I had a passion for, and within a year, was making the same amount of money as my corporate job, while working at home in my underwear.

Within 2 years, I doubled my salary.

Within 3 years, I tripled my salary, working half the amount of time.

I'm going to share some pieces of my experiences on this blog. Hope you like what you hear. I'm also going to ramble about things I think about, reviews of whatever I want to review, and eventually come back to dropping some pearls of wisdom.

Catch you next time.