Thursday, May 31, 2007

You're Not Old School, You're Just Old

I recently posted this awesome zine archive not too long ago. Reading some of the old issues of Heartattack (HaC) that I couldn’t get my hand upon (back in the days) really brings back some memories. I remember first reading about it in Joe Kid’s Blasting Concept column back in probably 1996 or 1997. It has been a long time. I think I still have my first issue of HaC somewhere at my parent’s house; it is the one where they interviewed His Hero Is Gone. I think I bought it from ASAS distro. ASAS Distro were the shit back then.

I don’t really remember whether HaC was one of my favorite zine but I sure lost interest in them not too long before they called it a day and I don’t think it is because they were too “emo” for my liking. I didn’t even bother to check out the new zine that some of the HaC crew is doing.

Reading all those back issues also make me to go and check out some old bands that I never got the chance to check out when they were around and were at their prime. Downcast and Luzifers Mob were two of those bands that I totally missed out back then. Coincidently enough, this blog and this blog recently posted something about Downcast and Luzifers Mob. It really make you love the Internet even more.

And those back issues don’t only make me realize that I am old and should have dropped this a long time ago, but it also make me realize about some of the changes in the hardcore scene in the last ten years. You know back in the days hardcore was pretty much an “exclusive club” and you pretty much need to embrace it before you are a part of it. Nowadays, everyone from their aunt to their dentist is hardcore thanks to Myspace and “hardcore” bands that are more content on rocking out than doing anything else.

Times are indeed changing.