Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pelican's Pre-Order...

Thumbs up to Hydrahead & Pelican for thinking of new ways to have people buy their stuffs (instead of downloading it from the internet). This pre-order deal will definitely go down well with all the Pelican’s die-hard.

Dude 1: “Dude how do you like my new Pelican’s hoodie?”

Dude 2: “Sweet man”

Dude 1: “You ain’t see nothing yet”

Dude 2: “Really?”

Dude 1: “Yeah, check this out”

Dude 1 unzipped his pants and shows his new Pelican undies to the amazement of Dude 2

Dude 2: “Holy fuck dude, you got a…”

Dude 1: “Yeah, am I cool or what? I am going to show this to all our friends, this is going to be awesome!”

Dude 2: “Fuck yeah man, ain’t nothing cooler than that”

...I just hope the new album is good.