Saturday, April 28, 2007


What do they call this music anyway? Is it dark crust? Or is it Nu-crust? Or Neo-crust? Well I don’t really care what they are calling the music that this disciple of HHIG/FAR/TRAGEDY/ WOLFBRIGADE is doing because it doesn’t concern me at all. The most important thing of all is this CD rocks and I am fucking grateful to feast my ear with such awesomeness. If you are familiar with the bands that I just name- dropped (for the scene points nonetheless) you can probably imagine how they sound like. This CD packs so much venom and bile you probably don’t need to listen to other bands that worship at the altar of HHIG and Tragedy. And I am not kidding about that.

The best thing about this CD is that it only last for approximately 23 minutes. Every hardcore band should take note of this and never made a mistake of releasing something more than half an hour long. You know the last Fucked Up records would be something if it just this long instead of going on and on for almost an hour. What so punk rock about aping the fucking prog-rock scene? Leave that prog-rock worship to bands like Neurosis. Punk bands should stick to what it knows best and make it short, sweet and simple… and oh listen to black metal too. Yeah you be surprised on how many sweet riffs you can lift from some obscure black metal bands and use it in your band. You can thank me later on that.

For those who are making tomorrow a better world, nothing beats having this as the soundtrack for you to destroy everything and starts all over again.