Monday, August 20, 2007

So What You Think About Hansa Rostok? Hansa Rostok? Like A Pussies! Heavy Metal Pussies!

When are they going to come up with christ-raping indie pop or barbaric twee?

Is this what they call shoegazing black metal? What's shoegazing black metal anyway? Do metalheads gaze at their shoe when they listen to metal? Who the fuck come up with shoegazing black metal? Fuck it!

This is a good album. No joke. Shoegaze/post-rock music from a dude who played in one of those ugly black metal band that your god-fearing parents/teachers/politicians warn you about. Who would have thought a dude like that can come out with a beautiful album like this? And you know what? It is irony free. You don't get things like that when indie hipters come up with something like this. Indie hipsters doing metal is blasphemous. Smart metalheads doing indie rock is good.

Jerry's Kids is the real deal. I am not having any of that nu-retro shit that everyone seems to be into these days. That shit is weak. Go here and download their live set from 1983. Check out the rest of that blog as well because that blog rule.