Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Got A Headache In My Pants

I am parting with some of my CD collections. If you want the list do drop me a message with your email. You can also see the list on my Myspace. You don’t know my Myspace? Hah, your lost.

Anyway, I am going to answer some FAQs (Fucking Annoying Questions) that have been coming my way since I let people know that I am selling some of my CDs.

Are You Really Quitting the Scene?
Err NO. The whole thing was a ploy. I am just saying that I am quitting the “scene” so I can get your attention. As long as I got your attention, it will be easier for me to made you part with your hard earned cash. Do you feel like you being suckered? Am sure you are not alone about this and it is not the first time. Beside I don’t really like the “scene” and probably have quit it more than once. Fuck the “scene”.

The reason why I am selling those CDs is because it was doing nothing but collecting dust at my parent’s house. It is collecting dust because nobody is listening to it. Nobody is listening to it because… well, I don’t think it is that hard to figure out why, right?

Do you regret selling all those stuffs?
Do you regret giving me your hard earned cash for it? Karang tak cukup nak beli rokok, beer, arak, etc. Mana boleh happy kalau takder rokok, beer dan arak? Arrrgghhhh!

Is that all of your stuff? Where are the rest?
One word. EBAY. Look out for the announcement anytime soon. I always believe that if you want to suck someone (not that kind of sucking you perv!), you suck them dry.

Hey sell me that ________ CDs man!
Sorry, I don’t give a shit about “market” demand. I will sell it when I feel like selling it. If it is not on the list, don’t ask. Don’t email or SMS me asking me to sell my Corrupted or Neurosis collections. It doesn’t make you less a human if you don’t have any of that.

Can you post the CDs?
A big fucking NO! Why? First. I don’t trust postmen. Second. I don’t trust postmen. Third. I don’t fucking trust postmen. Fourth. I don’t want to go to the post-office. If you want the CDs, meet me somewhere (in KL that’s is), pay me and the CDs are yours. Having the experience of running a mail order, I just couldn’t handle things like “Where are my stuffs you big fucking rip off!” anymore. Sorry, blame it on postmen and idiots.

Kurang lagi tak boleh?
Go fuck yourself.


Last Friday I bought myself INFEST’s Mankind 10” at the Ricecooker shop. I am not amaze at my luck scoring it, but what amazes me is that nobody picks that up earlier. I saw it at the shop a week before and just let it slip because I didn’t have enough cash with me at that time. Beside I already have it on tape and am not looking to replace it. I don’t expect it to still be there after a week. Being a fan of extremely bad music I don’t need a third invitation to buy that piece of wax. Today, that piece of wax is safe among my Black Sabbath’s records and other shitty music.

This has made me to conclude:

  1. People don’t listen to INFEST anymore or dah tak musim nak dengar power violence sekarang nie. That means that there are people out there who have an even worst taste in music than me. Man, I never thought bad mosh core and shitty indie could bring me any good. Awesome!
  2. People don’t go to the Ricecooker shop to buy music. If that’s the case then I am pretty sure that Ricecooker would end like the Basement shop. How to change this? Get rid of Joe Kidd and that other dude who runs Ricecooker. No dudes should run the shop. Get some hotties and you will be on the right track. Get the right hotties because you don’t want to end up with the wrong target market. It is probably “un-PC” or whatever but punks are human too and most of them are lying about not falling into the girls/sex sells “marketing” strategy. There are other ways as well but I am not on the mood to disclose it.


I always thought that idiots should not drive a car. Now I will have to add that idiots should never be allow using public transportations. I had enough of idiots who think it is their god fucking right to move around a jam packed train (be it the LRT, the Commuter or the Monorail) and endanger others commuters.

To that idiot that pisses me off at the LRT last week, you can thank your lucky star that I am so happy for scoring that INFEST vinyl that I have no time to argue further about your stupidity and idiocy. I just hope to get ass cancer, rape by monkeys and die a terrible death. People like are even worse than shit heads that think it is cute to read something and take a lot of space in a packed train. Fuck, you are just one notch lower than dumbasses that don’t give their seat to pregnant ladies and old people. Fucker.


I am getting rid of some tapes that I have from my mail order days. The list will be up in a couple of days (or weeks, or months, depends) at my Myspace. Email list will be send out three weeks after I put it up on Myspace. Don’t know my Myspace? Pity.

But instead of selling it, I am thinking to get rid of it by trading or swapping it. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just stop reading the rest of this.

So do I have anything in mind for the trade? Well as of right now, I am looking for homemade porn. Yup, you read that one H-O-M-E-M-A-D-E P-O-R-N made in my beloved MALAYSIA. I am really floored that there are hundreds of homemade porn being made by Malaysians. The best part it is all DIY (DIY or DIE man, you punks gotta love that!). You have to thank technology for bringing out the best in Malaysians. Who would have thought to see a tudung-clad girl giving a bj to her male companion or school kids making out in the school’s toilet? Not me. This is way beyond my wildest imagination.

Make sure that the porn you are sending are made by consenting adults. I will not accept forced or surprise sex. Animal porn is a no no. Alive and kicking adults only. No kids or dead people. And the most important, made by MALAYSIANS.

Well if you have none of that, just send me your boring trade list and we can discuss further.


Are there any TRBNGR fans reading this? Drop me a line because I am interested in starting the TURBOJUGEND chapter in KL. Be quick because I might change my mind in a couple of days.


I know a lot of losers are getting all excited with the new EPL season starting in a few days time. There is no account for bad taste. Just enjoy that snore-fest. Forza Milan!