Monday, March 03, 2008

A Clear Mind

I've read at different times in the past the effect a clean house can have on your mind. Marilu Henner says that a clutter-free life starts with a clutter-free home. She does take it to the extent of organizing the sock drawer with dividers and perfectly folded rows of socks; that’s over the top for me, but who am I to criticize? Marilu’s house is infinitely cleaner than mine is.

It’s amazing what a calming effect a perfectly clean home can have, though. My inclination was always to whip the house into shape when company was coming over until someone told me that they like to keep their house clean for themselves. They want to LIKE to live there. Believe it or not, that was a revelation for me! I’d been so concerned about the outward appearance only, I’d completely neglected myself.

I remember one Christmas season when we’d just put up the tree, the house was spic and span, and all the lights were out save for a yummy scented candle. I've never had a particularly good memory, but I remember that night and how I felt so happy and peaceful. I find when dishes have piled up and socks are strewn about the floor, I just get mad at the world. An anxious feeling starts to overtake me and I become overwhelmed with the clutter.

Martha Stewart has a list of six things you should do every day to maintain a clean house here.

With the snow melting and spring on its way, we should all make an effort to keep our homes in tiptop shape for our own health and happiness.