Thursday, February 28, 2008

The mind-body connection

Last night I was up late flipping through channels (I have this insomnia thing) and I came across Namaste Yoga on FitTv. Has anyone ever watched? It’s really good! I’ve done yoga in the past and really enjoy it. I love the idea of a mind body connection, and the flexibility. For the body to be in perfect harmony with the mind with the organic movements, it’s really fascinating to me. So I stopped and watched the episode. It was called Lotus Link- how cool is that? One of the main movements was stretching your arms above your head and interlacing them, then moving them down in front of you and curling them up in front of the chest with palms opening like a lotus flower. It is supposed to help with shoulder and arm flexibility. It was really beautiful though. While Namaste Yoga is pretty fast paced (to get a full workout in no doubt), the moves are, for the most part, very simple and easy to follow along.

The other great thing about Namaste (which is a Sanskrit word for the prayer posture of the hands) is the beautiful locations where the women do yoga. They zen in abandoned warehouses, on a pier with boats floating by, a lush green park, and mountaintop retreats. This really gets the viewer in a peaceful, serene mood. It’s fascinating even if you’re not participating and only appreciating the fluid movements of the bodies amongst the beautiful backdrops. I recommend it to all, insomniacs and yoga enthusiasts alike.