Monday, February 04, 2008

An education in gambling at Gambling PHD

One of the more interesting gambling sites I've run across is Gambling PHD. It's a site that offers some interesting articles on gambling, as well as some interesting links.

Gambling PHD approaches the gambling site from a different perspective. Instead of acting as merely the splash page to a game, the site acts as a mini-portal, allowing gamblers to not only go to suggested links, but to also read articles about gaming, from its history to psychology to basic rules, and provides some online casino reviews. There is even a section regarding the signs of addiction and what to do if you become addicted! Although it could use a slightly better design, the site is perfect for what it does, which is to get you playing as quickly as possible without looking too foolish for your first time, or to give experts a slight edge, and any experienced gambler knows that even the slightest edge can be valuable.

Gambling PHD is definitely one that you should check out. It offers some decent information, as well as some great games.  It offers solid online casino reviews to help you choose a site. You should check it out at least as it could be an interesting addition to your gaming links.