Saturday, February 02, 2008

Finding the right place for you...

Moving can always be interesting. The first thing to ask is: Where? Just ask yourself what you are looking for, and then gravitate towards buying real estate there. For example, if you are like being in the center of things, you may want to check out Atlanta real estate. Although there is a heat and humidity issue, you would nonetheless be in one of the best cities, especially when it comes to education, fine cuisine, and night life. One of the nice features about Atlanta real estate is that it's also near some of the finest outdoors areas in the nation, allowing for some great hunting and camping.

If Atlanta real estate doesn't sound interesting, Arizona real estate may be more your thing. Arizona real estate tends to be a bit more isolated, and the area is more relaxed. As it is also near Mexico and a number of reservations, Arizona real estate is also a multicultural experience.

If you want something else entirely, then consider Austin real estate. It's more of a college town, and the center of the independent movie industry. Austin real estate has all of the advantages of Arizona real estate, but is more of an urban setting. There is also the advantage that Austin real estate is in the center of Texas, so that you also have the advantage of urban night life.

Just remember to go where you love; you shouldn't have to live where you hate it!