Friday, March 14, 2008

Carol Alt: Supermodel and Raw-Foodist

I've been watching The Celebrity Apprentice lately, which is so entertaining! But last night I realized just how striking Carol Alt is, supermodel and raw-food eater. She has no wrinkles, no lines; her skin looks flawless and bright. Upon Googling her I found she's 47! There is no way she looks that great at 47 naturally. But she does; she claims she's never had anything injected into her. Her secret is single-handedly the raw food diet.

When she was 34 and at the height of her modeling career, she was feeling sick all of the time, taking prescriptions to combat insomnia, headaches and sinus problems, and began losing jobs because she was looking so worn down and old. Her holistic answer was a raw food diet. Thirteen years and two books later she looks better than ever and says she feels better than she did in her twenties. It seems as though Ms Carol Alt has discovered the fountain of youth! I want to learn more!

Being a raw-foodist isn't the same as vegan Carol says; she does eat meat. Raw. A little eww for me personally, but raw-foodists believe (as it’s been proven by scientific studies) that meat is not only much harder to digest when cooked, but as soon as it hits the heat, cancer-causing agents are formed. Is that why cancer is running rampant in today’s world?! Raw-foodists prefer their meat uncooked, dairy products unpasteurized (the process of heating the dairy), and their veggies fresh from the garden. The enzymes that make these foods so inherently healthy for us are completely lost in the cooking process. I have to say, I am much more interested in learning about this topic. Carol Alt says she can never eat enough to actually gain weight, whereas before her raw food diet she was eating nearly nothing and gaining like crazy. While I've never been one to commit 100% to any one diet, I do like to inform myself and incorporate bits and pieces from a variety of different diets I like. While I may not be reaching for the raw chicken breast any time soon, I just might reach of Carol Alt’s book the next time I’m at the bookstore.