Friday, December 09, 2005

Volendam Disease

It is always great to come cross new bands that have nothing but one or two demo under their belt. Thanks to Myspace and slsk the chance to find those kinds of bands are much easier. I am not one of those scenesters who are into scene points when they talk about bands that other people have no idea about. I just like to check out bands that I never heard before and shared it with people who might be interested to check them out as well.

Here’s one of those bands, and they are from Japan. “Japan?!” Yeah Japan. Please don’t crap your pants ok. Anyway I was totally blown away when I heard the rough mixes for their upcoming demo. It is not something that is totally new and ground breaking but it is well played and that is some guarantee you are going to get when you checked out any bands from Japan regardless of how long they have been together. These guys played some high energy rocking hardcore. Think of a slower version FASTS or THE JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS. They are still fast mind you but not as fast as the two aforementioned bands. I was thinking about uploading some of those songs from their upcoming demo so you can download it but I got lazy and will only give you the link to their Myspace page (What?!).

Go here.

While you are at it why don’t you check out GORDON IVY AND THE JAYBIRDS as well (these guys invent MOD-CORE man, you are crazy if you don’t check them out)? Awesome pissed-off hardcore that will guarantee you moshing alone in your bedroom. If you hate moshing you can always check out SUNN and slash your throat. There is nothing more grimm than self mutilation while listening to SUNN.