Friday, December 02, 2005

Revenge Is Sweet

Another cool band that I came across when I last went to Singapore. This band sounded way too similar to Strife, but for me that is a good thing since I kinda like Strife (they even do a Strife cover). Maybe it is just me, but beside from Recover, who is also from Singapore, there is hardly any other local hardcore band that reminds me of Strife. From what I gather Subtle Revenge is one of those up and coming new bands from Singapore and they are shit hot over there. I hope someone will bring them over to play some shows round here because they deserve to be enjoyed by many especially those who are still stuck with those Victory Style (the old ones, not the one where the are a lot of turds in it, on second thought…) records.

Oh yeah, I got the demo like months ago before I got to see them but due to my stupidity (and the fact that the demo cover is a huge turn-off) I never even bother to listen to it. Shit, I should have shoot myself for doing that. Check out their Myspace page and download a couple of songs from their demo. By the way they are heading to Indonesia this weekend for a couple of shows with fellow LCHC band Under Attack. Those dudes should have lots of fun over there. Safe journey fellas! By the way I think Epidemic records will release a split tape for this tour. Check it out now before it is too late (yup there’s ebay but don’t be a dumbass ok.)

Check them out!