Sunday, July 31, 2005

bandung thrash

I have decided to feature another Indonesian band after the Domestik Doktrin post last week. Another band from Bandung, Indonesia (Domestik Doktrin is from Bandung too you know) that plays it fast and couldn’t give a fuck about slowing it down for the non-ADD crowds. Anjing Tanah is probably the first Indonesian fast hardcore bands that I’ve heard a couple of years back. I never thought that Indonesia got any fast hardcore bands before discovering Anjing Tanah but I was wrong. There are tons of them over there in Indonesia!

Often compared to Charles Bronson, the band’s version of snotty fast hardcore really put them above their ilk in Indonesia and as far as I am concerned, I’ve had never listened to any good Indonesian fast hardcore bands that can be compared to Anjing Tanah. But then again do we need that? I definitely don’t need another Infest… and can live with the fact that there are no bands that want to be the next Infest. Just let the dis-bands do all the worshiping ok.

I don’t think they are still around. Well that is what kids in Bandung have been telling me. As far as I know, they only managed to record a demo and a full-length (correct me if I am wrong about this) entitled “Thrash is The Path to The Dorkside.” Here you can find all the tracks from the Diminuendocorruption demo. It is not a good representative of their later works, but this should do for now. Keep an eye in the future, who knows, maybe I won’t be too lazy to rip some of their later stuff.

01 - Budaya Timur Harus Mati
02 - Hanya Ada Satu Kata Buat Bintang Rock- Ngetot
03 - Detik-Detik Terakhir Di Dalem Kehidupan Kurt Kobain
04 - Revolusionaris Kon-Tol-Porer
05 - Bakterimukaantiagnesmonika
06 - Band Hardcore Majalah Hai
07 - 24 Jam Diberakin Iklan
08 - Negara Itu Semacam Lobang Pantat, Semua Orang Punya Satu Dan Pasti Bau Tai
09 - Pemberontakan Cuma Bikin Tebel Kantong Para Banjingan
10 - Berak Di Depan Jendela Fucktory Outlet Yang Ke-1000 Sekian Kota Bandung
11 - Rocker Yang Telah Mati Semua Membusuk Di Neraka Jahanam
12 - Seluruh Dunia Boleh Dinuklir!!!
13 - Invasi Pasukan Puser Di Layar Televisi Anda
14 - Strategi Koporat Kapitalis Progresif

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