Saturday, July 09, 2005

00 void

A couple of months ago I wouldn’t believe that I will be enjoying Sunn. I was even skeptical of people saying that they are really into whatever this band is doing. I doubt I can enjoy this band without being high… I was wrong.

I don’t really know how to explain but I was kinda bored with what I’ve been listening to lately. The last gig I went to were really a so-so affair and I was pretty burned out with the whole “loud-fast-rules!” stuff that I’ve been listening for a while. It was boredom that made me decided to check out some off the stuff that I don’t usually listen to. So I went to check out some off the cds and cdrs that I have and found a cdr of Sunn’s Flight of the Behemoth album. I don’t know how long I have it with me but one thing for sure; I hardly listen to it ever since I got it. It is weird. While I can definitely enjoy Burning Witch, Khanate (two out of many Sunn’s Steve O' Malley bands and projects) and Corrupted, I can’t really get into Sunn. It is too monotonous for my likings and “un-heavy” unlike those aforementioned bands.

I uploaded those songs to my iPod and decided to listen to it the next morning while going to work. I should add that my morning playlist are usually stuff ranging from metal to grindcore; it is definitely a perfect way to start off my day – anything by Slayer (up to the Undisputed Attittude album) usually do the job.

What happened the next morning was really amazing. Amazing because I was listening to something that I never thought I would listen and enjoying every minutes of it. It was the perfect soundtrack for my little journey to the workplace. My mind was really empty. I felt like I was numb. I could care less about the whole world and what would await me at the workplace on that particular day. I have found my new favorite band and I don’t need any drugs to get into it. Escaping the mundane of everyday monotony is beautiful and I have found the perfect soundtrack for it.

Here are a couple of Sunn mp3s. Enjoy yourself but make sure to keep all the sharp objects away.

Sunn's BOW 1
Sunn's Richard