Monday, July 25, 2005

sepakat untuk tidak sepakat

Domestik Doktrin from Indonesia was here in Malaysia recently. For those who have no idea who Domestik Doktrin is, just take note that they have 7” on 625 Records. If you know about 625 Records you probably have a rough idea how Domestik Doktrin sounds like. If you want to know about 625 Records, click here. Check this out for more info about Domestik Doktrin.

I managed to catch 2 of their shows (they probably played like 5 shows in total). Both were awesome and fun. The first show was at a jam studio (practice space) that could probably fit 70 peoples in it. It was fucking wild and it was a total miracle that the place was still intact and in one piece after the show. Watching Domestik Doktrin reminds me why I love DIY hardcore punk in the first place.

Here are a couple of mp3s from Domestik Doktrin’s latest release Phundamentalphun. Those who are familiar with Domestik Doktrin will find this to be a little bit different from the 7” that 625 Records released not too long ago. It seems that they are also caught with the whole “Tragedy-Epic-Crust” craze that is popular these days. I haven’t listened enough of it to give out my opinion about their new release but I will definitely say that, as of now, I prefer to listen to their first 7” than this new release and a lot of people that I know would definitely say the same thing too. Some even describe Domestik Doktrin new material as a very bad metalcore… Drop a line to if you want more information about the CD. It is limited to 300 copies and serves as a discography CD since it has all the songs that they have recorded up to this point.

Domestik Doktrin - Beauty is in The Eye of The Stock Holder
Domestik Doktrin - Gossip vis-a-vis Casusbeli

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