Monday, April 04, 2005

when forever comes crashing

I don't really have much to write about. One thing is certain, I am not happy with myself. My zine project has been lagging for a while and I haven't submitted anything for my friend's webzine for a very long time. This is not something I am proud off.

On a positive note. I got a good fat bonus from my employer. Nothing to shout about but it sure makes me a happy person for a couple of days. Oh, have I told anyone that I got a raise along with that big fat bonus?

I was in Singapore last two weeks ago. I went there as a roadie/shitworkers for my friend’s band that played a gig there (as a part of a mini tour with a German band). The last time I was in Singapore in when I was still in the band. There’s nothing much to write about Singapore. We didn’t do any of that tourist thingy, all we did was sleep on someone’s floor, played/watched a kick ass show, hang out with the Singapore kids, sleep on someone’s floor and…. Well that’s basically it. It’s rock and roll (without the excessive sex, drugs and alcohol part) and there are no other ways to enjoy it.

... and here I am, updating this while listening to Converge’s When Forever Comes Crashing… I am not a very happy person... but at least my life isn't miserable.