Saturday, August 06, 2005

municipal waste - hazardous mutation

The new Municipal Waste is awesome! I stumbled upon it on slsk earlier today and have been listening to non-stop. Thanks to whomever that leaked it on the internet! From what I gathered it have been leaked for weeks now… haha for me for knowing this so much later.

I thought signing with Earache will make these guys lame and shitty (as with most Earache bands with the exception of Cult of Luna)… but I was wrong. The new album really kick ass and it is a good continuation of their first long player. I think it will go down well with those who dig em before they sign to Earache and this definitely will expose them to those who never heard of them before. I don’t want to debate about the whole sell-out thing since it is none of my business. If you don’t like a band for signing to an “evil” records label… just shut up and stop listening to them.

Since I am not interested to piss anyone from Earache, I will not post any songs that I acquire from slsk, instead I will list a couple of links that people can use to check it out.

Go here and here (yeah it is troublesome but you won't regret it) for some hard-hitting crossover thrash. Oh yea, check out the Earache page as well for some hard-hitting news about the Waste.