Sunday, May 07, 2006

ISIS - Live In Cleveland

Alright, if you hate ISIS, please don't bother to read this post. I know how much they are fashionable to some but I don't care about that. I have been listening to this guys before all those hipster decided it is OK to listen to them. So, anyway, I got this awesome link from one of their recent show from the Southern Lord forum. The only reason I would bother to share this with anybody is because they are playing a couple of new songs that will probably be on the next album. How fucking cool is that? Maybe I am the only person who is excited about this but I don't care. There is also rumors about ISIS band members doing some projects with the dude from Leviathan. That one sounds interesting and I must say that I am really looking forward to hear the outcome of that collaboration (if it is indeed a real thing and not just some baseless rumors). Anway click this and download the whole live set. Again I am not the one responsbile for this, I am just sharing the wealth.