Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tragedy - Nerve Damage

In case you are wondering, Tragedy got a new album out entitled Nerve Damage. I am not sure how you can get your hand on this new LP because at the time of writing this, none of the well-known distros I know are carrying it. At the meantime maybe you can go search the mp3 version on your favorite p2p network. I can actually point you to some link to save you the hassle but I don’t think that it is a cool thing to do.

Upon a listening to it a couple of times, I must say that I am not entirely floored with what I heard, not unlike when I first heard them a few years back. Maybe it have something to do with the over saturation of bands doing somewhat a similar style (there is no arguing that TRAGEDY is one of the most copied bands around these days) or maybe it have something to do with what I have been listening lately. FYI I have been listening to Deathside’s Bet On the Possibility LP for almost a week now. I don’t really bother about the status of that particular LP to most Japanese hardcore aficionados but after listening to it almost constantly for days, I don’t really think I should be bothered with any new hardcore/punk records at all. So yeah, blame it on Deathside for making me unable to enjoy the new Tragedy.

Still there are some good songs on this new LP. Maybe not as good as some of their earlier songs, but still good if you compared it with other bands who are doing the same style (what the style call again? Epic crust? Emo crust?). Well I am not going to stop listening to this. Maybe it is a grower. And who knows, maybe the mp3s that been circulating on the Internet turn out to be fake as well. So yeah, I am giving this another chance… but only after I am sick and tired listening to that Deathside’s LP. Ask me again in three months time…