Sunday, April 09, 2006

Texass is the Reason

Hey don't forget to catch Texas' Die Young show in Bangi next week. This will be their only show in Malaysia. If you are too scared to listen to some macho hardcore, you can still check out some local bands as well. The dude who are organising the show told me that there will be two proper thrash bands opening this show too (they are not listed on the flyers but believe me on this). So if you are looking forward to bang your head and point your finger at the same time, get yourself to this show and enjoy it. Click on the pictures for more info. Hey if you are wondering how to get there, just give a call to the organisers - their number is listed on the flyer for your convenience. Go to the Immigrant Sun records
website for more info regarding Die Young. Until then, stop listening to Unearth!