Thursday, September 21, 2006


I am not really in a writing mood. But I have been listening to Haymaker and Morser an awful lot this week. Awesome stuff if you feel like punching someone in the face. If you are wondering why nobody make any good metalcore like Morser anymore. I don’t really have the answer. My guess is maybe they don’t really bother with how their hair looks like or how fucking tight their girlfriend jeans is or how fucking scary the mascara will make them looks unlike some other bands that have their pictures all over Alternative Press… Or maybe they are just being Germans. You know how Germans are right?

Heard the Sunn O)))/Boris collaboration as well. Don’t listen to it if you don’t take enough drugs. It will bore you to tears. I am enjoying it, without the drugs of course - because I can’t afford to do drugs and my girlfriend have all my money. So anyway if you are familiar with the two bands you know what to expect. Drone, drone and more drone apart from one track that sounds scarily enough like an actual song that you never expect you are going to listen from Sunn O))) and Boris. Man that shit is trippy. It makes you wonder whether they are taking the right drugs when they recorded this. Oh and to those who are like excited because Kim Thayil (of Soundgarden fame) is on this, do curb your enthusiasm because there is no Black Hole Sun or Spoonman on it. The rumors that Sunn O))) and Boris going to record Badmotorfinger in its entirely is false and have no truth at all.

Well how is that for not being in the writing mood?