Friday, September 22, 2006

Nebiras - Our Blood For His Glory

I am not well versed on the current black metal scene, be it locally or internationally. My interests fade when I discover the awesomeness of Napalm Death and other grindcore bands. Regardless of how much popularity black metal is gaining these days, I would say that I prefer the early Rotting Christ and Impaled Nazarene over any Norwegian, French, Ukraine, or American bands. Am I being a pussy? Who the fucks care being a “troo” scenester in the first place?

So yeah for those of you who are being “troo” all these years. Here is something from the past.

Nebiras – for those who are uninitiated is one of the earliest black metal band from Malaysia. These guys were around when the whole thing started back then in Norway. Goat knows what the fuck Melefic and Wrest were doing back in the days but these guys were creating the blackest of metal and were hailed by Fenriz himself. Shit, Fenriz even wrote a fucking poem for them. How fucking gay is that? Did the likes of Leviathan or Drudkh ever have a fucking poem written by Fenriz? Don’t think so. Even though we can suspect that Fenriz was fucking high or drunk when he wrote that poem and hailed Nebiras as their “brother band”, it sounds cool enough in my fucking book and that far surpass anything within the black metal scene these days. Yeah, enough about that. Now go here and download the Our Blood for His Glory demo. Too shitty? Well I heard Cradle of Filth got a new album out that you can wet yourself with.

“Join me, Stand forth as Gods of the abyss and makes the flames reach for the sky.”

p/s: Nebiras were wearing robes before Sunn O))) made it a fashion statement.