Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We're No Here

I was in Singapore for a few days. The reasons? MOGWAI.

Yes I was watching MOGWAI live at the Esplanade. To those who are wondering how it was. It was fucking awesome. Definitely one of the best show I had watched in my entire existence. I don’t need to explain it in detail; you just had to be there to experience it yourself. Oh, if there is one thing I want to tell you; I don’t need to watch any shitty post-rock bands anymore. Yup, that’s right and I am pointing my finger at every dime a dozen post-rock bands who are going through the motion and don’t know shit about rocking out. You are pretentious and your “art” are only suitable for pretentious asshole.

MOGWAI rule.

Your post-rock band sucks.

Just die.

P/s: While I was in Singapore I heard rumors that SLAYER will be playing a show over there in the not too distant future. If this is true than we are in for a treat. Fucking SLAYER man. It is about time that people over here got the chance to experience one of the best metal bands in the history of rock and roll. I will keep an eye for any update on this.