Sunday, July 16, 2006

Italian Grindcore Bastards

If you a grind freak and have no idea who Cripple Bastards are, please fuck off and stop listening to grindcore. These guys have been around for ages and any self respecting grindcore fans don’t need any more introductions about them. I found this relatively good live recording of them on soulseek. I did some research about this recording and couldn’t find any useful information. Anyway download the whole thing and enjoy it. I have to confess that I am not the biggest of fan and I think I totally lost most of my interest after the last album where they went “metal”, but the old stuff (the live set is pretty old I think) is pretty top notch grindcore in my book especially the ones that is raw and dirty. I just seem to have this ultimate fetish for all those raw and dirty grindcore, you know the ones that is not as polish as a spanking brand new Ferrari.

For all those ultimate Cripple Bastards fan, this piece of news from the band official website will definitely have you shit in your pants;

“CRIPPLE BASTARDS 4 CD BOXSET RAGING FROM CHINA!! a Chinese label run by an old time italian friend now living there has financiated a huge studio work to remaster ALL our demos/tapes from 1988 to 1993 for a huge 4 CD boxset collecting all our noise from those days. This includes the 4 official demos, the split with Violent Headache session, the whole 1988-1991 collection (90 minutes!!), all our side-projects, and hours of unreleased noise including pre-CB, pre-Grimcorpses thrash from late 1986/early 1987!!! Thousands of songs to make the joy of TNT & Records nostalgics and those who miss the raw uncompromised lo-fi nihilism of 7 MON, early AC, Violent Noise Attack, Sore Throat and similars. The masters will be completed by the end of June and soon later we'll start to work on the packaging layout which is going to be a mess.”

Yeah it is old news, but it is still news to me who just found it out not too long ago (again it just show that I am not the biggest Cripple Bastards’ fan). A 4 CD Boxset? Fuck yeah! Oh I also found out that Relapse will be releasing something from them in the not so distant future. Relapse? Hmmm, I think I will pass that one.