Friday, February 10, 2006

Sick Grindcore Fucks: SMG

Hisham pass me the new SMG recordings and it is definitely the best thing I've heard from them so far. And I am not making that one up just because I used to be in this band. Check out their myspace page and check it out for yourself (you can stream the mp3s or download it). These guys deserve every fucking respect they can get and to all those who talk shit about them... get a fucking life (and learn to broaden your musical scope).
Here are some "interesting" facts about the new recordings; The songs are recorded live in less than half an hour (they book the studio for an hour but arrive there late) and Hisham was involved in an accident a few hours before the recording took place. Lesser band will surely crumble under those circumstances but this band definitely deliver the goods when needed. Awesome!