Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Corrupted Vinyl Collection

Ok, I have been kinda lazy lately. Well that is what happens when you are hooked on Football Manager. Luckily enough, I still have my jobs, girlfriend and a little bit of sanity. Anyway....

Corrupted is definitely one of my all time favorite band. Any band who dare to claim themselves to be heavy should get their act straight because there is none heavier than this behemoth from Japan. Well maybe with the exception of Neurosis but everyone know that nowadays they are too concern with being arty than being heavy...
Super heavy and super slow, Corrupted, for me, is the ultimate sludge band. I hardly know much information about them apart from that they are from Japan, sing in Spanish and got a very huge discography. Little is known of them since they hardly give any interview. It is kinda frustating when you hardly know much about your favorite band but that kinda add up to the mystique of this awesome band.
Their most recent album, El Mundo Frio, is released last year and it is one of my top ten album of 2005. I urge everyone to check that album out, by hook or by crook.
I am not sure if the links below are still working or not (yes, I am still lazy) but if it is then you will be treated to some of the finest sludge on this face of the earth. It is actually a collection of their vinyl releases. Pretty handy if you don't have any turntable or willing to part with your hard earned money for the real stuff.

Corrupted Collection 1-1
Corrupted Collection 1-2
Corrupted Collection 2-1
Corrupted Collection 2-2

p/s: thanks to whoever that did this and yes, Rapidshare is a pain in the ass.